About Us


Sixteen years ago, Francisca Diaz, a visionary and resilient woman, left her native Mexico for the United States in search of new opportunities.

During those sixteen years, Francisca worked for only two cleaning companies. Since arriving in this country, she has been dedicated to leaving her clients' homes sparkling clean.

Seven years ago, Francisca dreamed and envisioned creating her own cleaning company, so from that moment on, she prepared herself and continued to gain experience in the field she was working in. Francisca took advantage of every minute to learn English, gain more experience and communicate better with customers.

Since she planned to create the company, Francisca was clear about what she wanted, to honor her father's surname. As a result, with the surname Diaz, Diaz Cleaning LLC was born, a company dedicated to provide the best cleaning service for homes.

Thanks to that vision, Francisca now offers her services to the public, demonstrating that dreams can come true, if you do things right. Today, this company registered under the name Diaz Cleaning LLC, provides the best quality and cleaning experience.

Francisca's motivation is to see the satisfied faces of her clients when they see the quality of her work and know that Diaz Cleaning LLC is achieving its goals.